Is Direct Mail Worth It?

If you ask the average person, they might say that fundraising through the mail is a dying field. However, this is far from the truth. While digital fundraising is on the rise, it is clear that direct mail can still be an effective strategy to cultivate donors and raise critical funds. Deciding to create or build a direct mail program is unique to every organization, but there are universal benefits, including the following:  

Continued Donor Contact 

Mail provides direct and personal contact with donors more than emails or television ads. When done correctly, a direct mail letter can be the most effective way to provide your donors with a lot of information. It can also provide you with opportunities to better understand your donors.  

By looking at the gift returns, based on the packages you send, you can gleam what topics your donors might care about most. Surveys are also a tried and true tactic used by direct mail gurus to increase donor engagement. People love giving their opinion and feel compelled to respond, which often leads to an increase in donations.

Reach New Potential Donors 

Direct mail can be used to contact potential donors using lists that are targeted to your organization’s ideal donor profile. Using prospect lists can spread awareness of your organization to a targeted list of people in a more personal way.  

Also, direct mail has been proven to be effective across generations. Even Millennials, who account for 25% of the population, are looking at their direct mail, and are 71% more likely to scan their mail compared to 66% of non millennials. This direct contact often results in donations across multiple channels. For example, a Millennial may receive a direct mail letter but make a donation online.

Low Cost, High Reward 

When managed effectively, direct mail can be an inexpensive way to contact and solicit funds over the course of your organization’s fundraising program. According to Mal Warwick’s Revolution in the Mailbox, direct mail fundraising is a process. Once you get the program started, using segmentation and other testing techniques will increase the cost effectiveness overtime.    

Direct Mail is still worthwhile to contact current and future donors in an effective, inexpensive way. Want to learn more on effective direct mail strategies? Check out the Julep blog.

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