Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged Webinar |

Watch: Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged

Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged Webinar |

Have you followed up with any of your Giving Tuesday donors yet?

Before you add them to your next email or direct mail appeal, take 30 minutes to watch our latest webinar, Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged.

Since 63% of these donors will only contribute on Giving Tuesday, many nonprofits need to rethink the typical donor journey before contacting them.

What you’ll learn:

  • When you need to thank donors?
  • Why are Giving Tuesday donors different?
  • What’s the critical step needed to retain these donors and how do you get there?
  • Why is the donor journey different for Giving Tuesday participants?
  • How to successfully merge Giving Tuesday donors into existing programs?

You worked hard to make Giving Tuesday a success! Watch this webinar to learn the steps needed to convert these one-time donors into long-term relationships.