nonprofit crm

Nonprofit CRM: Using Nonprofit Software at Your Organization

Using a Nonprofit CRM

Looking for information on how to create a donor database? Start with searching for a nonprofit CRM built with your organization in mind. There are CRMs on the market built specifically with donor management in mind. This kind of database is essential to being more effective by having all your data all in one place.

What to Look for in Donor Management Software

Nonprofit management software should ultimately be a focused software that can easily manage a donor throughout the donor life cycle. It needs to be focused on moves management, not just sales tactics. While your organization needs know how to track donor transactions, you also need to be able to track the soft touches, like phone calls, volunteer hours, or event conversations. Every interaction with your supporters is important- you should use a platform that understands this and has the infrastructure to do so. Look beyond simple donation tracking and find a CRM that can encompass all your organization’s needs. The best CRM can track your programs, like donor stewardship or annual giving from start to finish.

What is the Best CRM for Nonprofits

What is the best donor management software? The best nonprofit software will be easy to use. The best CRM for your organization will have training and customer support that is tailored to your organization’s needs with step by step guides on how to use the database.  Additionally, look for a CRM that includes online fundraising software or is in ‘the cloud’ with password protection and security. This way, your nonprofit donor software is accessible from any browser and can be used by your entire staff from anywhere safety.

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