sustainer giving

Sustainer Giving: Recurring Donor Programs and Campaigns

How can I attract monthly donors for sustainer giving programs?

Sustainer giving or recurring giving programs provide a stable revenue stream for your organization. Those who give monthly are more likely to give more overtime and are invested in your organization, increasing overall donor funds.  You can provide opportunities for your donor to contribute monthly through recurring donor campaigns with finite start and end periods or through setting up monthly giving programs. Monthly giving program examples include membership programs or monthly giving to a specific area of your organization.

How do I start a monthly giving program?

Take the time to develop a plan if you would like a successful monthly giving program. Options like automatic online payments can make it easy for your donors to set up the payments that will make a big impact. Working this into your strategy can lead to higher levels of giving long term. Think about the donor life cycle- identification, cultivation, solicitation, stewardship. This plan should go beyond monthly giving program names. While naming your program is important, often organizations do not go beyond this. If you develop a strategy to steward these donors, it can lead to opportunities to set up transformational gifts like planned giving.

What is planned giving?

The definition of planned giving is giving that donors pledge or plan to contribute to an organization beyond their lifetime. This is also known as legacy giving. Planned giving often starts with developing long term relationships with donors before they are committed to donating in their will or estate. Opportunities for identifying legacy donors can start with looking at donors in sustainer or monthly giving programs. These donors have shown long term commitment to your organization.

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