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Timesaver Tip: Email Scheduler

The Email Scheduler tool allows Julep users to set up a recurring date and time for select reports and searches to automatically run. You can use this feature to schedule both custom searches and default Julep reports that will be emailed directly to your inbox when run.

How to use Email Scheduler for Searches and Reports

There are two ways to use this new tool:

  • Saved Searches Scheduling: selecting the frequency that a custom search is run.
  • Julep Reports Scheduling: selecting the frequency that a default Julep report is run.

Saved Searches Scheduling
1. Start with either a saved search or create a new saved People or Money Search.

2. Click the View Saved Search button.

3. Click on under the search you want to set up.


4. Options to select the frequency, time, and start date will appear. The frequency of the report can run daily, every 2 days, weekly, every two weeks, every 30 days, or a custom period. Once your selections are made, click on the button.


5. A confirmation message will appear.



Julep Reports Scheduling

1. To schedule a default report included with Julep, select the report you want to automatically run at recurring intervals by clicking on the button.


2. The report will run and display results. At the bottom of the page, click on the button.

3. Enter a name for the scheduled report and click .


4. Select the start date, time, and frequency to run the report and click .


5. A confirmation that the report was saved and scheduled will appear.


Manage Scheduled Emails

1. If you need to change a filter of a report, update the frequency, or delete the schedule, edit the Scheduled Emails by going to All Reports or searching for the report in the Quick Search bar.

2. Click on the button.


3. Select the or button on the report you want to update.


4. Make the necessary changes and click .