Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox

Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox

Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox

Would you like to add an email or communication with a donor to their profile in Julep? Do you want a track record of the messages and interaction your staff have with volunteers and donors? The Julep Mailbox is a new feature that will allow you to connect your email program to People Profiles.

What is the Crimson Mailbox?

The Julep Mailbox Service tool allows you to forward and record email conversations to your Crimson database and connect them a specific People Profile or another staff member.

The Julep Mailbox is in the drop-down menu under “My Account” in the top-right corner.

Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox

How to Send an Email to Julep Mailbox:

1. From your email program, such as Outlook or Gmail, add [email protected] to the BCC line.

Note: It’s important to use BCC. This feature won’t work if [email protected] is added to the “To” or “CC” lines. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

2. Open Julep & click on My Account. Select Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox.

3. If the email matched a Julep user on your account and the email address for the contact receiving it, the message should appear.

Note: A notification also will be sent to the sender from Julep to confirm the message has been received in their Julep Mailbox with a link to access the details.

Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox


Julep Mailbox Features:

Once you’ve accessed your Julep account and opened the Julep Mailbox, you’ll see the following options:

Timesaver Tips: Julep Mailbox

1. Message status:

a. Current – This is the default view and will display all messages currently in the user’s Mailbox for the database selected.

b. New – This will display new, unread, messages only.

c. Read – This will display read messages only.

d. No Matching – If the email recipient does not have a matching Profile in the database, it will be listed here for review.

2. Message Recipient:

a. This drop-down allows admin users for your Julep database to review messages forwarded to the Julep Mailbox by other users on your Julep account. Select a team member’s name from the dropdown to review their unique messages.

Note: Admins will only be able to see messages sent by users connected to individual databases. If you are an admin for multiple Julep databases, you will need to toggle between accounts.
b. Me – the Julep Mailbox default will always be the set messages sent by you.

3. Search: This field allows users to search for messages by name and subject.

4. Message Options: The user will have the following options per message:

Timesaver Tip: Julep Mailbox


a. View the complete message details forwarded.
b. Create a Note for the matched people record. From here, they can edit the Note details before clicking .
c. Delete the message from the Julep Mailbox.