What Happens After Dec. 1?

Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged

63% of Giving Tuesday donors will only give one-time. How do you retain them?

Based on data going back to 2012, Giving Tuesday donors are unlikely to contribute to your organization again in the next calendar year.

Why are the retention rates of Giving Tuesday donors so low? If these new donors aren’t likely to donate through your existing fundraising programs, how can you keep them?

Watch the Keeping Giving Tuesday Donors Engaged webinar to learn the next steps needed to convert these one-time donors into long-term relationships.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why are Giving Tuesday donors different?
  • What’s the critical step needed to retain these donors and how do you get there?
  • Why is the donor journey different for Giving Tuesday participants?
  • How to successfully merge Giving Tuesday donors into existing programs?

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Adrienne Royer | JulepCRM.com

Adrienne Royer

Throughout her career, Adrienne has worn many hats at nonprofits and political campaigns. She got her start as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a children’s museum, served as the development director at a Girls, Inc. chapter and discovered her love of digital fundraising and advocacy while working at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. As the digital communications specialist at Julep, Adrienne combines her real world experience in fundraising with public relations, online communications and UX design.

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