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Why You Should Use a Nonprofit CRM: A Julep Guide

Finding an effective CRM is essential. Now more than ever, having a cloud based fundraising CRM gives your organization the tools to build a donor database. It allows you to further your organization’s mission from anywhere! When looking for the best CRM for your organization, we recommend searching for CRM software that is geared for nonprofit fundraising.

Nonprofit CRM: Geared Toward Your Needs

Other Customer Relationship Management systems cater to sales teams and cookie cutter pipelines. With a donor database geared toward nonprofit fundraising, you can build fundraising management plans that are unique to each donor. Having the flexible ability to update a donor as you move through each stage of the donor life cycle makes fundraising management easy.

Fundraising Management All in One Place

The best nonprofit CRM allows for all aspects of your fundraising program to appear seamlessly within one system. Whether you are looking to fine tune your direct mail program or are looking for grant management tools the best is a nonprofit database that keeps all the vital information all in one place.

Features Built Just for Nonprofits

Nonprofit CRMs have features like gift officer tracking & portfolio management. They will give you donor profiles that tracks the money transactions and provide a place to note the subtle touches you make with donors, such as learning their interests or future plans. They allow you to create flexible constituent coding options to track everything from grassroots fundraising and volunteer hours.

If you are a nonprofit, choosing a database specific to your needs will make your organization more effective and stretch your donor dollars further.

Now that you know you want a CRM geared toward nonprofits, download our guide to identify the best CRM for your organization.

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