About Julep

Who are we?

 Founded by fundraising veterans, Julep is a new CRM for nonprofits that launched in 2020.

Built with innovation and flexibility in mind, Julep took lessons from real-life experiences at nonprofits in order to create a better CRM that addresses the practical needs charities face in a rapidly-changing environment. 

Why Julep?

Like the classic cocktail, Julep is a fresh update to nonprofit CRMs. Designed by a team with decades of experience in fundraising, Julep combines the foundations of a good CRM – data management, donor profiles, gift processing and management, and reporting – with the hallmarks of a modern and flexible platform that guides fundraising and nonprofit management. Like the mint leaf used in our logo, our goal is to help nonprofits grow their fundraising revenue and operations.  


How is Julep different?

Julep aims to be an essential resource for nonprofits of all sizes across different sectors. We built Julep to have an intuitive interface without a steep learning curve and expensive implementation process. The core functions of Julep are to manage data, offer robust search capabilities, provide a 360-degree view of donors and stakeholders, centralize data that can be accessed through any mobile device, and display topline statistics and analytics that nonprofits need each day. 

Where is Julep located?

Just like our namesake, Julep was founded in the DC Metro area. While the cocktail was introduced at the historic Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., we are headquartered in Tysons Corner, Va.