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Nonprofit CRM: A Free Guide to Finding One in 4 Steps

Are you contemplating a new nonprofit CRM? It can be a big investment for many charitable 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations.  The decision can be overwhelming with so many options on the market at every price point.  In order to help charitable and philanthropic organizations make the best decision possible, Julep published 4 Steps to Finding the Best Nonprofit CRM

What is a nonprofit CRM?

Known as either customer relationship management or constituent relationship management, this software provides a 360-degree view of all the stakeholders, interactions, and data at your organization. These solutions enable not-for-profits to save important data to central locations that can be accessed remotely. Additionally, analytical tools and dashboards provide insights into fundraising, financial, volunteer, and programming data.

Why do you need one?

A report from NTEN found that 40% of nonprofit organizations save their fundraising data in spreadsheets. Another 25% risk their fundraising information by saving it to individual computers or laptops! While the sticker shock of some nonprofit solutions may encourage you to postpone the investment, solutions like Julep are very affordable. Consider the long-term stability and savings:

• CRMs are designed around the relationships you have with stakeholders.
• CRMs centralize and back-up data, relationships, and historical information, so it is not lost to staff turnover or IT problems.
• CRMs offer at-a-glance dashboards to keep up with important data.
• CRMs offer robust reporting and analytical abilities that exceed simple spreadsheets.

What kind of CRM features do you need?

This free download covers the questions you should ask to identify the needs and priorities of  your organization. It also includes questions to consider before making a final decision on a CRM solution.  As a bonus, we included a worksheet to pull your work together.

Learn about CRMs for nonprofits and how to research the best software solution for your organization.  

Download this free CRM guide today!