Unique Stewardship Opportunities | JulepCRM.com

Stewardship is an intentional plan set to thank your donors for their contribution to their mission.

In many cases a form letter isn’t enough. Donors want to feel valued and included in your organization. It is critical to send a thank you as soon as a gift is received. Two days or less between a gift and a thank you with a tax document put in the mail is best practice.

Effective stewardship goes beyond a tax letter and builds on the connections a donor has with your mission. Thinking outside the box to create unique experiences with your donors will create a lasting impression and ultimately help your organization.

Here are some unique stewardship ideas to excite your donors:

  • Send birthday cards or anniversary cards
  • Video message or call with the CEO or other important figure
  • Picture or handwritten message from someone who is directly impacted from their donation. If you work with students, have them write a letter. If you work with animals, send a picture!
  • Send something that your donors know is unique to the CEO or important figure at the organization. Do they love to cook? Send a recipe or a cookie cutter related to your organization.
  • Establish giving memberships with unique benefits
  • Curate virtual events with exclusive invitations to your donor

No matter what giving level, thanking your donors in a unique way will set your organization apart. Whether you start small with a birthday card or go big with a virtual event—and we encourage both–your donors will feel appreciated and want to continue to build their relationship with your organizations.

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